All orders will now be handled by Geography Matters at 606-636-4678 or ordered at I am thrilled to have Josh and Cindy Wiggers handling our orders as they will now be filled in a timely and efficient manner. Please look for Josh and Cindy at many of the homeschool conventions this summer and be sure to catch their workshops!

They are wonderful!

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  World Physical Geography Text Book
textdfText Book
  • Comprehensive core knowledge text.
  • Interactive daily lessons.
  • Incremental review.
  • Appropriate for grades 6-12.
  • Hands on activities.
  • Critical thinking problems.
  • Requires no teacher preparation.
  • Endorsed by Cathy Duffy, Mary Pride,
    and Dr. Frank Wang, Former President of Saxon Publishers.

    Sample Lesson

  World Physical Geography Teacher's Guide
tdfTeacher's Guide
  • Review questions are answered.
  • Vocabulary words are defined.
  • Clear instructions and answers for all activities.
  • Reproducible tests are written to all learning styles.
  • All test questions are answered.
  • Clear, specific instructions on how to use the text.

  World Physical Geography Student Workbook
Student Workbook
  • Reinforced method of learning all the countries in the world
  • Designed to be used with all Runkle books.
  • Reproducible black and white maps included to be used
    with the text book.
  • Daily script.
  • Specific learning activities ties the workbook with the textbook.
  • Phonetic guide for all countries, capitals and rivers.
  • May be used as a transition from one activity to another.
  • Map work may be done by the entire family as a fun activity.
  • Reinforced daily memorization of counties.
  • Students develop their own maps to transfer information from the text and draw conclusions
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