See what others have been saying about Runkle Publishers:

 "Brenda Runkle reminds me much of John Saxon-colorful, interesting, witty, and knowledgeable. Her passion for the subject of geography is immediately apparent from her text book. Those who can hear her in person should. Those who can't should buy her books."

-Dr. Frank Wang, Former President,
Saxon Publishers, Inc.

We purchased your program a couple years ago and I am wondering how the student workbook you offer now compares to the original components. Is it a duplication of what I have or something new? I can't tell you how much it has meant to my daughter to have memorized the countries of the world. She was in 5th grade at the time. She still loves to rattle off all the countries of Africa. We are anxiously awaiting your next books. Thanks for your time.

-Mrs. Nancy Gordon

  "Up until now I have held geography text books in low regard because they all seem so boring. (I'm not including in "text books" such engaging products as Mapping the World by Heart or ????.) However, Brenda Runkle's Wonderful World of Geography has finally convinced me that it is possible to produce a geography text book that isn't designed to put students to sleep. Full-color illustrations throughout the text, a lively writing style, hands-on activities, "fun facts," and frequent practical applications draw junior and senior high students into each topic. Definitions, geographical tips, and more fun facts are featured in the margins, coded with special symbols. Critical thinking activities, brain teases, and other extras appear in some of the lessons. Review questions and a list of the aforementioned vocabulary words are at the end of each lesson.

The text seems fairly bias-free, philosophically speaking. It is neither Christian nor evolutionary in presentation.

A separate Teacher Guide and Chapter Test Answer Guide contains chapter tests, answer key, review answers, and vocabulary words with definitions. I would consider this an essential part of the course. This book does not provide lesson plans; the text book itself is easy enough to follow without such guidance.

Runkle Mapping Method is an optional set of 8 1/2"x11" maps and lessons that extend geography lessons while helping students learn names and locations of countries, capitals, seas, etc. There are 60 full-color maps, while 38 pages are black line maps and teaching helps featuring mnemonic devices to aid memorization. The color maps often include information and additional activity ideas. These should correlate easily with the text, although I see no written links between the two.

The quality of Runkle's Geography is surprisingly excellent, especially for a product from a small publisher. This course will work well in a classroom setting as well as for individual students, although some of the activities are more fun if more than one student participates. Students can work through most of it on their own, but I think frequent parent/teacher oversight might be necessary to ensure that students are reading margins and side bars and doing the activities."

-Cathy Duffy

 "Dear Mrs. Runkle,

We have received Unit 1 kit and the map packet. WOW!! Very impressive!! Thank you so much for producing a marvelous geography program.",

-Tara Clonts, Homeschool Parent

 "Dear Mrs. Runkle,

My Name is Judy McAdoo and I write curriculum reviews for Homeschooling Today magazine.

I just had to tell you that it is absolutely wonderful!!  I am very, very impressed!

Unfortunately, the editors of the magazine already have my column scheduled throughout, I believe, the end of the year, so my review won't appear until then.  If there is any way that I can get it in earlier, you can be sure that I will.  I just can't wait to spread the word about your very fine curriculum."

-Judy McAdoo, Homeschooling Today review author

 "This is Robert Phillips in California. I was the guy who told you how much we are enjoying your Wonderful World of Geography. My son Bill (7th grade home schooler) finished testing on Chapter One and scored a 99%!

I scanned your chapter tests onto my computer so we can print and retake the tests as often as needed. Our method is to read a lesson per day and do the review questions and vocabulary. At the end of the chapter he spends a day reviewing his answers to the previous lessons. Next day he takes the test--closed book. To my delight, he got them ALL correct...with one minor error.

It's great! I can recall in public school when he could barely recognize the Pacific Ocean. It really bothered me, you know, we live in Los Angeles!!! Anyway, we're excited to receive your North American edition when it's finally published."

-Robert Phillips, Homeschool Parent